0217 orchard 10-19-13

1 Chilly Day, 3 Four year old girls & Lots of Apples

Published October 25, 2013 in Children, fun stuff, girls, theme session

The title pretty much sums this up. Some outings are so much fun, you just get sad to see them end. These gals are a hoot. Really. Even individually, they crack me up. Get them together, and I pretty much spend the entire time giggling. There is a diva, who decides when she will smile or not, a sassy miss who gives some of the best expressions, and a snuggler, who I stepped on many times because she just wanted to be right by me. Everywhere I turned, joy abounded. The girls moms and grandmas just stood back and let us go wild. Such an amazing time. Thank you to Pleasant Valley Orchard for the beautiful location.

Enjoy this beautiful story with portraits in the orchard.

0193 orchard 10-19-13 0095 orchard 10-19-13

0153 orchard 10-19-13 0349 orchard 10-19-13

0284 orchard 10-19-13 0360 orchard 10-19-13

0262 orchard 10-19-13 0217 orchard 10-19-13

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  1. I love the title!!!! It was an awesome time!!!

    Sjohn Manke
    October 25, 2013

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