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3 Month Harrison { lindstrom baby photographer }

Published August 16, 2014 in baby, boys, siblings

These last couple days have been posting some of our 9 month old baby planners, lets mix it up a little, today we enjoy one of the 3 month babies… and lets get real crazy… Today is a boy 🙂 Little Harrison has such an outstanding smile and sparkle in his eye. He may be up to mischief soon. Big sister was all about being in the pictures with him, well, that is until it was actually time to really be in the pictures… looking back, I think maybe she wanted her own photoshoot… Wish I would have caught that sooner, maybe I could have gotten her a little more excited if I made it about her for a while. Sometimes I get a little tunnel vision on the subject I am working with. Something to work on.

Anyways, they are adorable anyways 🙂

ENjoy the images and be blessed!

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