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Amy & Lila

Published May 10, 2013 in fun stuff, teens

Well, my first official session blog is here 🙂 I posted a quick peak at a couple images the other day, but wanted to share a few more that gave a better representation of the fun we had. Lila has always loved planning the props and backgrounds for her sessions, probably from all the hours she had spent playing in my prop vault when she was younger. So with that said, she and Amy designed the first set all on their own (with a few little veto’s from me, lol) and had a blast doing it. It was pretty fun to watch them go in and out of the vault with their finds and decide what to and not to use. The only complaint I heard from them was that the session went to fast… apparently an hour of my time was not the “hours” the were looking for! Enjoy their images. I know I am!

2654 lila amy 05-06-13

2681 lila amy 05-06-13

2724 lila amy 05-06-13

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2773 lila amy 05-06-13

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