Cora is One!

Published May 21, 2013 in Children

There are times where I wonder, just how fast can a year go? It seems to be just a blink. I have been enjoying this little lady since she was 7 days new. Each session was a little bit of heaven

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Lovely rain.

Published May 19, 2013 in flowers, fun stuff, Just some Chat!

We had quite the little storm just roll thru. Sirens blaring, kids running into the house, then the clouds literally tumbled into town, and the rain came at us sideways. I love thunder storms. Crazy, right? I can’t really explain it, but I have always enjoyed the sounds smells and results of a good old storm. The results you ask? Well, everything has a fresh coat of green, and the flowers are vibrant with moisture. Wonderful end to my Sunday. By the way, Davidson family if you read this, I had an outstanding time today with your session! Can not […]

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Joy in the little things <3

Published May 15, 2013 in Commercial, Family, flowers, fun stuff, Just some Chat!

Have you ever noticed that the things you love the most are often the most fleeting? Tulips. I adore them. Any color, any stage of growth, any location…. well, especially in a vase on my desk. {compliments of Floral Creations by Tanika here in Lindstrom!} They have such an elegant quality and the coloring is rich and diverse. While still closed they encase mystery and suspense, making you wonder what treasure is hidden inside. When they open its almost as if they are welcoming me in, begging to be admired and enjoyed. When I first placed these beautiful purple tulips […]

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Generation Photos

Published May 14, 2013 in Family, fun stuff

Sunday I shared with you a little about what being a mom looks like to me. I didn’t go into great detail, but I think you were able to grasp my thoughts. Well, with that in mind, I just want to say today, as mom, its very important to be in photos with your children. Trust me, I have heard all the excuses, stalls, and fears; “I need to lose weight first”, “ugg, I am having a bad hair day”, “Not in this outfit, are you kidding?”, “I don’t have makeup on”, “I have a whopper zit!”. You get the […]

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Happy Mother’s Day

Published May 12, 2013 in Children, Family, fun stuff, Just some Chat!

Today we celebrate mom. As a child she was the staple in my life who gave me guidance and direction. She had a never ending supply of band-aids, a bright infectious smile, compassion in abundance, time for crafts and games. We had many good conversations, some I hated at the time but have since come to appreciate now that I myself am Mom to three amazing girls. Now, with my own children, my view of Mom has changed. Mom is the sleepless one that cares for the sick or scared child during the night, she is the one whose heart […]

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Amy & Lila

Published May 10, 2013 in fun stuff, teens

Well, my first official session blog is here 🙂 I posted a quick peak at a couple images the other day, but wanted to share a few more that gave a better representation of the fun we had. Lila has always loved planning the props and backgrounds for her sessions, probably from all the hours she had spent playing in my prop vault when she was younger. So with that said, she and Amy designed the first set all on their own (with a few little veto’s from me, lol) and had a blast doing it. It was pretty fun […]

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