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Brina {9 months} Lindstrom Childrens Photographer

Published August 15, 2014 in baby, girls

Baby plan clients are so fun, I love catching up with them every few months, seeing how much their little has grown, maybe they have more hair, filled out bigger leg rolls, or have acquired teeth. These little mile stones, that is why I do what I do. Each moment, every achievement, they all matter. They all are precious. Its a bit thrilling to be a small part of so many little lives.

Brina, is one of the tiniest of my littles over the years. She is really truly a peanut, but her smile is bigger than life. Everything we set before her gave her joy. Nothing was going to set her back, even with the various wardrobe changes and backdrop setups. Each time she comes in, when she has left after her session, I just sit back and smile.

Enjoy her images, and be blessed!

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