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Sweet little Evigale. Lindstrom baby photographer

Published July 30, 2015 in baby, flowers, girls

I think I have forgotten that I have a blog site here. Or, maybe I am just not a good photographer blogger. This requires time and thought and engaging dialog… sometimes I just do not feel engaging. Probably goes back to my naturally introvert personality. Anyways. This sweet girl is 3 months new. She made us work hard for every itty bitty smile, but she is worth it! and I LOVE the piggy’s! and adorableness. Big smiles are not a prerequisite for adorableness. Her eyes I think are what just draws me in each time I see her. Are they […]

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3 Month Harrison { lindstrom baby photographer }

Published August 16, 2014 in baby, boys, siblings

These last couple days have been posting some of our 9 month old baby planners, lets mix it up a little, today we enjoy one of the 3 month babies… and lets get real crazy… Today is a boy 🙂 Little Harrison has such an outstanding smile and sparkle in his eye. He may be up to mischief soon. Big sister was all about being in the pictures with him, well, that is until it was actually time to really be in the pictures… looking back, I think maybe she wanted her own photoshoot… Wish I would have caught that […]

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Brina {9 months} Lindstrom Childrens Photographer

Published August 15, 2014 in baby, girls

Baby plan clients are so fun, I love catching up with them every few months, seeing how much their little has grown, maybe they have more hair, filled out bigger leg rolls, or have acquired teeth. These little mile stones, that is why I do what I do. Each moment, every achievement, they all matter. They all are precious. Its a bit thrilling to be a small part of so many little lives. Brina, is one of the tiniest of my littles over the years. She is really truly a peanut, but her smile is bigger than life. Everything we […]

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Charlotte {9 months} Lindstrom childrens photographer

Published August 14, 2014 in baby, girls, theme session

Yikes! I need to do some catching up here!!! This post will show how far behind I am…the 4th of July theme is a dead give away! So, what we have here is a darling little beauty bedecked in daddy’s hat and tags. I love when we can create a session blending personal items with the studio sets. You just can’t beat that lovely sense of connection you get when using your own props. And, with it being her 9 month session of her baby plan, we also get to play around with the classic washtub. Charlotte LOVES the duckies!!! […]

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Little Mr. P { lindstrom childrens photographer }

Published July 5, 2014 in baby, boys

Could he be any more handsome? I am loving this little man. Each time he comes in he wraps me tighter around his finger. He really rocked his entire session. Full of smiles, and making sweet eyes at me. Enjoy and be blessed! Lindstrom childrens photographer | Chisago Lakes family photographer

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Miss T, 9 mo. { lindstrom baby photographer }

Published July 4, 2014 in baby, girls

Happy 4th of July! Little Miss T would like to share her patriotic session 🙂 Well, truly it was her 9 month session, but being it was close to the 4th of July we had a little fun with that. This month, she finally had smiles for me! This girl makes me and her momma work hard to try and get happy pleasant expressions, so seeing smiles was a great bonus. Enjoy and be blessed! Lindstrom baby photographer | Chisago Lakes family photogrpaher

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