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Happy Mother’s Day

Published May 12, 2013 in Children, Family, fun stuff, Just some Chat!

Today we celebrate mom. As a child she was the staple in my life who gave me guidance and direction. She had a never ending supply of band-aids, a bright infectious smile, compassion in abundance, time for crafts and games. We had many good conversations, some I hated at the time but have since come to appreciate now that I myself am Mom to three amazing girls. Now, with my own children, my view of Mom has changed. Mom is the sleepless one that cares for the sick or scared child during the night, she is the one whose heart […]

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Children Photography

Published April 7, 2013 in Children

Capture your little ones, whether it is their first giggles, steps, and teeth, or they are on the cusp of teen hood, each year brings something new to be remembered. We offer sessions in our studio or out on location or at your home. I love taking photos of children photography is my passion, bring these together to create that special memory your family will treasure for decades. Theme sessions are also available, and we love to create them. Let us know if you are interested and what direction theme you would like to see.

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