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Sweet little Evigale. Lindstrom baby photographer

Published July 30, 2015 in baby, flowers, girls

I think I have forgotten that I have a blog site here. Or, maybe I am just not a good photographer blogger. This requires time and thought and engaging dialog… sometimes I just do not feel engaging. Probably goes back to my naturally introvert personality. Anyways. This sweet girl is 3 months new. She made us work hard for every itty bitty smile, but she is worth it! and I LOVE the piggy’s! and adorableness. Big smiles are not a prerequisite for adorableness. Her eyes I think are what just draws me in each time I see her. Are they […]

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Floral Creations { lindstrom photographer }

Published June 11, 2014 in Commercial, flowers, fun stuff, Wedding

Working with creative people is such a blessing in my life. I LOVE seeing others perspective take shape, and one of my favorite artist is Tanika, owner of Floral Creations by Tanika right her in our own little Downtown Lindstrom Minnesota. As we get into the big wedding season (you may be aware that I am no longer photographing weddings), Tanika will often bring me some lovelies to play with for her portfolio/catalog. So, last week, I am looking at silver serving tray, silver tea pots, gorgeous romantic arrangements, and of course my first thought is I have to photograph […]

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Lovely rain.

Published May 19, 2013 in flowers, fun stuff, Just some Chat!

We had quite the little storm just roll thru. Sirens blaring, kids running into the house, then the clouds literally tumbled into town, and the rain came at us sideways. I love thunder storms. Crazy, right? I can’t really explain it, but I have always enjoyed the sounds smells and results of a good old storm. The results you ask? Well, everything has a fresh coat of green, and the flowers are vibrant with moisture. Wonderful end to my Sunday. By the way, Davidson family if you read this, I had an outstanding time today with your session! Can not […]

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Joy in the little things <3

Published May 15, 2013 in Commercial, Family, flowers, fun stuff, Just some Chat!

Have you ever noticed that the things you love the most are often the most fleeting? Tulips. I adore them. Any color, any stage of growth, any location…. well, especially in a vase on my desk. {compliments of Floral Creations by Tanika here in Lindstrom!} They have such an elegant quality and the coloring is rich and diverse. While still closed they encase mystery and suspense, making you wonder what treasure is hidden inside. When they open its almost as if they are welcoming me in, begging to be admired and enjoyed. When I first placed these beautiful purple tulips […]

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