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Faelynn |newborn { lindstrom mn }

Published September 4, 2014 in Family, fun stuff, girls, my life, Newborn

OOOOOOH sweet squishy newborn goodness! Is it possible for this lovely newbie to be anymore stunning? This family is dear to my heart. Some years ago, it all started with a mom & daughters session. We hit it right off. You know how sometimes you meet people and they are just right in your wheelhouse of life? We shared just the right amounts of crazy, quirky and funny. I was honored to later photograph the family wedding, senior portraits, newborn baby, and now newborn grandbaby for this family. This is a perfect reflection of what I want to do. I […]

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Kirvida Family { lindstrom family photographer }

Published July 8, 2014 in Family, fun stuff, siblings

Each family has their unique and special charisma….this one is no exception. In fact, they may even have an extra helping 😉 Our session was scheduled out at their family home the evening they had a celebratory dinner in honor of dads 60th birthday. In the midst of planning a dinner for that evening, preparing for a graduation party in two days they all found time to dress and prepare themselves to create a lovely family portrait. When I arrived at their lovely home, I met the family, most of them it was my first time meeting them, and I […]

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Floral Creations { lindstrom photographer }

Published June 11, 2014 in Commercial, flowers, fun stuff, Wedding

Working with creative people is such a blessing in my life. I LOVE seeing others perspective take shape, and one of my favorite artist is Tanika, owner of Floral Creations by Tanika right her in our own little Downtown Lindstrom Minnesota. As we get into the big wedding season (you may be aware that I am no longer photographing weddings), Tanika will often bring me some lovelies to play with for her portfolio/catalog. So, last week, I am looking at silver serving tray, silver tea pots, gorgeous romantic arrangements, and of course my first thought is I have to photograph […]

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Easter Mini {lindstrom childrens photographer}

Published March 19, 2014 in Children, fun stuff, Mini Session, theme session

Its time 🙂 The bunnies and ducklings are scheduled! The session package includes about a ten minute session with your choice of the bunnies or ducklings and various other items depending your your package choice. We will give you an order deadline to have your orders back in time for Easter. Call for your session.

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Beautiful Story <3

Published January 21, 2014 in fun stuff, Just some Chat!

There is a reason I went into the field of Photography. I Love Stories. For me, the art of photography is how I tell stories that will last generations. That is probably why this blog post I linked below touched me so greatly. This mom created a memory that will never fade. The vibrancy of the story will never diminish. I had to share it. Visit the link. Enjoy. Let me kwow what you think!

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Valentines Mini Session <3 {Lindstrom Childrens Photographer}

Published January 15, 2014 in baby, Children, fun stuff, theme session

Confession. I love mini sessions. Why? Well, many reasons… I love creating a fun theme to be used by a variety of different families, I thrive on the energy of back to back sessions! Most of all, I LOVE the challenge of creating a stunning portrait story in a limited time frame. With this admitted confession, I have created a personal goal for 2014. Create more mini sessions! Pinterest is my best friend this week. Many hours and much scheming on my ipad with pinterest. If you ask my husband, he will tell you he is being ignored. Don’t believe […]

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