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Senior Portraits {Class of 2014}

Published July 17, 2013 in fun stuff, Just some Chat!, my life, Senior

The words “Class of 2014″… as a portrait photographer taking senior photos for many years now, its a bit different this year. When my Emmelie went to kindergarden 12 years ago, those words seemed so far off. As if they were likely never to really arrive. She was 5 for goodness sake, no where near ready to think about the far off 2014. I mean really, why were they even labeling her as a class of anything! Was that just yesterday? Where have the last 12 years gone? I know its a bit over said, but, really, I blinked and […]

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For the Love of a Horse, The rescue of Kavala.

Published July 16, 2013 in fun stuff, Just some Chat!, my life

This is not my usual type of blog post…. I am mainly wanting to archive our story here for personal reasons. But, with that said, it is a sweet story, and worth the read. We have been having an interesting summer in our family. There has been an adoption. Of the Equestrian variety :). My middle daughter Hannah has wanted a horse for more years than I can remember. It has never really been a possibility, as we live in suburbia, but some really fun crazy random acts of God have changed all of that. She has continued to beg […]

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