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Faelynn |newborn { lindstrom mn }

Published September 4, 2014 in Family, fun stuff, girls, my life, Newborn

OOOOOOH sweet squishy newborn goodness! Is it possible for this lovely newbie to be anymore stunning? This family is dear to my heart. Some years ago, it all started with a mom & daughters session. We hit it right off. You know how sometimes you meet people and they are just right in your wheelhouse of life? We shared just the right amounts of crazy, quirky and funny. I was honored to later photograph the family wedding, senior portraits, newborn baby, and now newborn grandbaby for this family. This is a perfect reflection of what I want to do. I […]

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Twin Boys <3 { lindstrom newborn photographer }

Published July 9, 2014 in boys, Newborn, twins

If newborns are a treasure, then newborn twins have to be double the treasure! These sweet darling boys were amazing to spend time with. They just slept and snuggled, snuggled and slept. Cuddling one another is truly a favorite pose. So, while mom and dad sat back in a couple comfy chairs, and watched on, I thrived with my sweet subjects. When my girls were little, and all three were under the age of 4, I often wondered how parents of twins survived. Watching this newly grown family engage together, I can see they will have no problems. They just […]

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Newbie Mr. C { lindstrom newborn photographer }

Published July 7, 2014 in boys, Newborn, siblings

Its really been a fun month of newborns for me. I am sure its been mentioned in previous posts how much I love working with newborns. They are all unique and they all show different personalities during their session. You never know what you might get when you start… sometimes they wet a prop or backdrop before I can even get photos of them in it, and sometimes they just are so snuggley and and content I hate to even move them to a different backdrop for fear of waking them enough to make them discontent. Its a slow, quiet, […]

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Adorable baby A { lindstrom newborn photographer }

Published July 3, 2014 in baby, Family, girls, Newborn

This darling little family has grown. Big sister B is so proud and helpful and adoring. Love abounds. Our little newbie was just a perfect little doll. She really seemed to enjoy the attention given during her photo session, with many sweet little expressions. Enjoy her gallery and be blessed! Lindstrom Newborn Photographer | Chisago Lakes Area family photographer

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9day new baby G{ lindstrom newborn photographer }

Published May 30, 2014 in baby, boys, Newborn, siblings

I have had the true pleasure of photographing big brother P since he was 4 months old. Each time he comes in he wows me with his darling engaging smiles and his amazing lush eye lashes. He will be a lady killer for sure 🙂 Over the last few years, I have patiently awaited the call that came a few short weeks ago. Baby G was coming, and would be soon a part of this amazing family. Can you believe he too has killer eye lashes? Seriously, I was having major eye lash envy. This was one devoted adoring big […]

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Welcome Baby K {Lindstrom newborn photographer }

Published May 23, 2014 in baby, boys, Newborn

We continue baby boy week with this darling sweet sleepy 10 day newborn little man. When we finished his session I told mom and dad that I didn’t get my snuggle time! He was so calm and content, transitioned between poses and props like a dream and really, was fairly perfect. Aside from not needing cuddles. I got ripped off a bit there. This is a new family for my studio, and I loved meeting them all and really enjoyed watching the expressions of love from mom and dad. Have I ever mentioned on here how much I adore newborns? […]

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