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Natalie | Class of 2015 | Chisago Senior Photographer

Published August 17, 2014 in Senior

And the Senior season for class of 2015 is off and running! What a fun gal to start with 🙂 Natalie was ready for adventure, and we had a blast at the Chisago City Paradise Park. Between the beach, wildflowers, clover, and of course a few of our own props, we nailed this session. Natalie is a lovely lady, and though a bit shy, I really enjoyed getting to know her as we spent time together. It has been some years since I have photographed at this park, which was actually the first park where I photographed my first senior […]

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Beautiful new Location <3

Published August 6, 2013 in Family, fun stuff, Senior

Yesterday my daughter wanted to go do something, and we came up with take the dog hiking (our rat terrier thinks she is part mountain goat) 🙂 Was a beautiful day, and our location, couldn’t have been lovelier. We went somewhere new and everywhere I looked I envisioned senior portraits and family sessions! Interested in checking this amazing place out for your session? Give me a call, I am looking forward to the opportunity to go back. We hiked several trails, came up with some favorite spots. The day was overcast, and it was perfect, but I am looking forward […]

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Senior Portraits {Class of 2014}

Published July 17, 2013 in fun stuff, Just some Chat!, my life, Senior

The words “Class of 2014″… as a portrait photographer taking senior photos for many years now, its a bit different this year. When my Emmelie went to kindergarden 12 years ago, those words seemed so far off. As if they were likely never to really arrive. She was 5 for goodness sake, no where near ready to think about the far off 2014. I mean really, why were they even labeling her as a class of anything! Was that just yesterday? Where have the last 12 years gone? I know its a bit over said, but, really, I blinked and […]

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Senior Photography

Published March 8, 2013 in Senior

Seniors 2014 Wow. Not sure where the years are going, but some of our graduation kids this year are kids that have been class with my oldest daughter since preschool! It is bittersweet to me remembering events at preschool like Circus Day, Christmas Program, Beach Day and candid photos I took at the events of my daughter and classmates, and now knowing that I will have the opportunity to photograph some of their senior portraits now. Darling little tots now on the verge of adulthood. Class of 2014, now is your moment to shine. We have several options for sessions […]

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