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Faelynn |newborn { lindstrom mn }

Published September 4, 2014 in Family, fun stuff, girls, my life, Newborn

OOOOOOH sweet squishy newborn goodness! Is it possible for this lovely newbie to be anymore stunning? This family is dear to my heart. Some years ago, it all started with a mom & daughters session. We hit it right off. You know how sometimes you meet people and they are just right in your wheelhouse of life? We shared just the right amounts of crazy, quirky and funny. I was honored to later photograph the family wedding, senior portraits, newborn baby, and now newborn grandbaby for this family.

This is a perfect reflection of what I want to do. I want to be part of a families life. I want to help preserve treasured memories. I want to share in growing years, and be a small part of their history that is being created. I want to be more than just a service to be used on rare occasion. I NEED relationships. I need to know my clients are becoming more than clients, they are friends, they are family. They care about my life and struggles, as I care about theirs. This is somewhat of a new revelation to me. Something I am learning about myself. I need people like this family in my life. Who I am does not equal what I do, but how I involve myself in what I do brings me balance in my life. I love people.

Life has been interesting lately as I travel this road of self discovery. This summer I needed to take the Strength Finders personality test for the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, and it was interesting to me to see the results. I am a People driven person (not something I ever thought I would say). All of my 5 strengths fall in the Relationship category. Honestly, before I read the results, I would not have said that about myself. I am an introvert pretending to be an extrovert in my work. I thrive on alone time with a book and coffee. At least that is who I have been in my previous stage of life. I am being called to something more, something different, something that is challenging to me.

So, as Mordecai said in Esther 4:14 “…for such a time as this”. This is where I will focus. This is where I will thrive. I am excited to see what adventures pop into my life as I continue on my journey of life.

Those of you families who have settled into my life through what I do, Thank you. You bring me joy. I love the relationships we have developed. I am blessed.

Enjoy this little bit of newness, and be blessed.

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  1. As usual, gorgeous pictures with a most precious baby! Loved reading your words. We are all blessed to have you in our lives. Not just for the memories you provide, but because of the person you are.

    Sandie F
    September 4, 2014
    • Thank you Sandie!

      September 5, 2014

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