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Floral Creations { lindstrom photographer }

Published June 11, 2014 in Commercial, flowers, fun stuff, Wedding

Working with creative people is such a blessing in my life. I LOVE seeing others perspective take shape, and one of my favorite artist is Tanika, owner of Floral Creations by Tanika right her in our own little Downtown Lindstrom Minnesota. As we get into the big wedding season (you may be aware that I am no longer photographing weddings), Tanika will often bring me some lovelies to play with for her portfolio/catalog.

So, last week, I am looking at silver serving tray, silver tea pots, gorgeous romantic arrangements, and of course my first thought is I have to photograph these in my bathroom! Ha, you think I am kidding, but I am not. I have a fun vintage looking wall paper and old brick chimney that beckoned to be the backdrop for this session. If you have every been in my bathroom here at the studio, you are aware it is not the largest bathroom ever made, but, with a few reflectors, a soft strobe light and some fun textures, we had success!

Here are a few of the images we made. (some were also taken outside of the bathroom). Enjoy and be blessed!

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0157 tanika 06-06-14 0169 tanika 06-06-14

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