For the Love of a Horse, The rescue of Kavala.

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This is not my usual type of blog post…. I am mainly wanting to archive our story here for personal reasons. But, with that said, it is a sweet story, and worth the read.

We have been having an interesting summer in our family. There has been an adoption. Of the Equestrian variety :). My middle daughter Hannah has wanted a horse for more years than I can remember. It has never really been a possibility, as we live in suburbia, but some really fun crazy random acts of God have changed all of that. She has continued to beg and beg for a horse. This spring she said she would give would give up riding lessons if she could get a horse. Ron and I talked and prayed, and came back to her saying she had to continue to keep her grades up, and get a job. This would be her responsibility. I think Ron agreed to this direction only because he really didn’t think she was going to be motivated enough to get a job, but she proved him wrong. After school, she came home, got on her bike, and peddled around to all the near businesses for applications, which resulted in her biking to an interview for dishwasher. She landed the job, got on the A honor roll, nothing was going to stop her dream.

Hannah has been a long time follower of a local horse rescue, O.A.T.S Rescue in Lindstrom. She contacted Erica the beginning of June about a horse she saw they had, was told he was no longer available, but that they had this sweet Arabian mare who would be perfect. Hannah and I went to see her, and honestly I was praying for a very obvious answer to this decision, leaning towards a very specific NO. But, that was not to be. Kavala was precious and personable and she really spoke to me with her gentle eyes. She took me in, hook line and sinker. I didn’t say anything to Hannah, waited to see her reaction, watched them ride together. I told her we needed to pray and give her financials one last review to make sure this really was possible. Ron and I talked that night and we agreed to move forward with her. While Hannah was at work the next night we hung a lead and halter with photos of Kavala in her room for her to find when she came home. What a sweet memory of her finding that and seeing the joy on her face.

Kavala was surrendered to the rescue, and had been neglected before that. She is gaining weight, and becoming even more of a spunky personality now that she is getting attention. I love when she comes running up when we go to see her, watching her nuzzle Hannah for treats and hugs. Here are a few photos from my phone and from Hannah and her friends playing around with a camera showing her progression over the last month and a half.

Our first time seeing her. At this point, she had already gained about 40 lbs.
001 002 003

Hannah and Kavala’s first ride together
004 005

A fun afternoon of riding around with her friends.
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009 010

011 012

013 014

015 016

Kavala’s new friends and pasturemates Danny and Terro. They love her to pieces! When Hannah takes her out of the pasture, they mope around and watch and wait for her to come back. We are so thankful to Hannah’s friends family who agreed to allow Kavala to live with them!
019 020

021 024

025 026

H let me braid her mane…. although she is determained that next year she is going to cut the mane short. I keep saying no, but she reminds me that she owns Kavala not me.

4 Responses to “For the Love of a Horse, The rescue of Kavala.”

  1. I can just see and hear her excitement when Hannah came home from work to find her halter and pictures. Great story and very happy for your family addition! Congrats Hannah and Ron and Renee! Thank you for sharing your special story!

    July 16, 2013
  2. I’m so happy for Hannah and Kavala. They make a wonderful match!
    When Megan was a little younger than Hannah is now, she got a horse and spent so much time with him..riding and taking care of it. It was a good choice for her too.

    Shirley Hovey
    July 16, 2013
  3. Hannah reminds me of Vicki, our daughter we lost in a car accident 7 years ago. Vicki LOVED horses and would go to any horse camp she could when she was younger. She ended up working as a wrangler many summers at YMCA Camp Olson. Later on she wrote the horse protocol for all of the YMCA horse camps. She was 37 when she went home with the Lord. By that time she had lived her dream of not only owning horses, but owning a small 10 acre ranch out in Idaho — just across the pass from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. She helped to start the Animal Adoption Center in Jackson Hole and just before the accident she had written the protocol for adopting horses from their shelter. She owned 7 horses of her own [including two minis], 3 dogs and assorted cats. If she were able to get e-mail, I most certainly would have e-mailed Hannah’s story to her today. This is the type of thing she lived for. Kavala is a beautiful horse and you can tell she’s loved. Thanks for making my afternoon. Mary Mosbey

    Mary Mosbey
    August 11, 2013
    • Mary, thank you for sharing your story with me. You are surviving what must be one of the hardest losses, that of your child. She sounds like she was an amazing woman, and I will share your story with Hannah. Sounds very much like what she wants her life to look like. It blesses me to know that this post has touched you so deeply. Renee

      Renee Lynn Dabill
      August 11, 2013

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