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Generation Photos

Published May 14, 2013 in Family, fun stuff

Sunday I shared with you a little about what being a mom looks like to me. I didn’t go into great detail, but I think you were able to grasp my thoughts. Well, with that in mind, I just want to say today, as mom, its very important to be in photos with your children. Trust me, I have heard all the excuses, stalls, and fears; “I need to lose weight first”, “ugg, I am having a bad hair day”, “Not in this outfit, are you kidding?”, “I don’t have makeup on”, “I have a whopper zit!”. You get the idea, and I am sure you have said or heard this a time or two yourselves. The problem with these comments is they leave missed opportunities, sometimes they can never be recreated. This weekend my girls and I picked up my mom for Mothers Day, we went and got a bucket of KFC, and took it to my Grandma’s for lunch. Grandma is 81, has Alzheimer’s, and is rather frail. Each time she gets sick, we wonder if she will pull through, and thus far, we continue to be blessed. But, what if we got together two days ago and choose not to take snapshots of our four generations, perhaps due to one of the comments above… what if the next time she is ill or injured we are not so blessed? I would be so heart broken, for my children especially not to have these forever memories. Yes, I am a professional portrait photographer, yet, I understand the value of a snapshot. Mom’s, don’t miss opportunities for excuses. Your children and grandchildren and perhaps great-grandchildren will find great value in the photos you are in.

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I just wanted to share this last image specifically because keep in mind sometimes background items are great in a snapshot… the tree art on the wall, been in my memories for as long as I can remember! Grandma has had this hanging in her living room at least since my childhood, if not longer. Love the warm feeling that gives me!

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  1. These are beautiful Peanut! I really appreciate the fact that you remember to take pictures. They always put a smile on my face. I am so very lucky to have such a wonderful daughter and grateful for YOU and all that you have given to the world, your lovely family and to me everyday of my life!

    May 14, 2013

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