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Happy Mother’s Day

Published May 12, 2013 in Children, Family, fun stuff, Just some Chat!

Today we celebrate mom. As a child she was the staple in my life who gave me guidance and direction. She had a never ending supply of band-aids, a bright infectious smile, compassion in abundance, time for crafts and games. We had many good conversations, some I hated at the time but have since come to appreciate now that I myself am Mom to three amazing girls. Now, with my own children, my view of Mom has changed. Mom is the sleepless one that cares for the sick or scared child during the night, she is the one whose heart breaks every time she needs to take out the band-aids. She lets her children make choices she knows are mistakes, because she understands those lessons learned will be a valuable part of character building. She prays without ceasing for the best in her children’s lives. She is the one sitting in the passenger seat trying to not obviously reach for the brake peddle. She becomes a bulldog when someone senselessly hurts or bullies her child. She is a warrior. I love being mom. I love my girls. I treasure everyday. And, from these experiences, I love my mom even more. Happy Mother’s Day Mom! And to all the other moms in my life, have a blessed day.

mom girls easter web

Lila, Hannah and Emmelie with my Mom Lynn.

easter family web

My Family. (gotta love cell phone quality photos!)

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  1. Beautiful post, Renee. Well done.

    May 12, 2013

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