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Natalie | Class of 2015 | Chisago Senior Photographer

Published August 17, 2014 in Senior

And the Senior season for class of 2015 is off and running! What a fun gal to start with 🙂 Natalie was ready for adventure, and we had a blast at the Chisago City Paradise Park. Between the beach, wildflowers, clover, and of course a few of our own props, we nailed this session. Natalie is a lovely lady, and though a bit shy, I really enjoyed getting to know her as we spent time together. It has been some years since I have photographed at this park, which was actually the first park where I photographed my first senior 10 years ago. Very fun blast from the past!

Enjoy her images, and be blessed!

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  1. Lovely lady, so romantic and cute with wonderful smile…a real dream…

    April 7, 2017

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