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Senior Portraits {Class of 2014}

Published July 17, 2013 in fun stuff, Just some Chat!, my life, Senior

The words “Class of 2014″… as a portrait photographer taking senior photos for many years now, its a bit different this year. When my Emmelie went to kindergarden 12 years ago, those words seemed so far off. As if they were likely never to really arrive. She was 5 for goodness sake, no where near ready to think about the far off 2014. I mean really, why were they even labeling her as a class of anything! Was that just yesterday? Where have the last 12 years gone? I know its a bit over said, but, really, I blinked and they were gone. K-11, twelve years of giggles, tears, playing dress-up, starting to wear makeup, coloring hair, sleepovers, hiding in a corner lost in reading Moby Dick for the umpteenth time, family movie nights, planting gardens, singing like the sweetest songbird… growing up. In one short year, she will be moving out, starting her own life, making her way in the world, becoming the woman she has been preparing to be. Its hard to believe. Am I ready for this? No, not really. Am I proud of her? Absolutely. Class of 2014, its your turn. Time to shine, show the world who you have become.

Here are a few of the Class of 2013 I had the pleasure of getting to know this past year. Enjoy, and remember, take each moment and find joy in it. The days go by too fast to waste in any other way.

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