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Talia { 8 days new } Newborn Photographer, Lindstrom MN

Published August 26, 2013 in baby, Newborn

Newborn. My definition would include the words squishy, snuggly, soft, gentle, tender, perfect. I love babies. I really love when parents bring me their sweet little treasures to be photographed and be part of their lifetime memories. Newborn portraits are lifetime artwork for your home.

All that to introduce you to sweet Talia. Such a peanut. Mom and dad promise me she sleeps all day long and were ready for a smooth going session. As they sat on the couch, relaxed and watched me work, what they then kept saying is, “really…at home she just sleeps! We have never seen her awake this long!” After many feedings, lots of walking, and much snuggling, she did finally arrive in her deep sleep, and off we went. I am really going to enjoy watching her grow. Can not wait to see what her little personality will become.

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