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Valentines Mini Session <3 {Lindstrom Childrens Photographer}

Published January 15, 2014 in baby, Children, fun stuff, theme session

Confession. I love mini sessions. Why? Well, many reasons… I love creating a fun theme to be used by a variety of different families, I thrive on the energy of back to back sessions! Most of all, I LOVE the challenge of creating a stunning portrait story in a limited time frame. With this admitted confession, I have created a personal goal for 2014. Create more mini sessions! Pinterest is my best friend this week. Many hours and much scheming on my ipad with pinterest. If you ask my husband, he will tell you he is being ignored. Don’t believe him, he exaggerates but, maybe he has been slightly neglected. It is so much fun to look at color palettes, others photographs, various props, and then create my own twist.

To start off the year, we will be doing Valentine Mini Sessions. Two days only, so call or email to schedule your session! The set will be amazing, and the story will be yours.

valentine mini 2014

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